Monday, 18 April 2011

Goings On - Around Our Town

Even with Bright Particular Star playing on our Mainstage through May 14...  there's multiple shows of note on display in our 'burb.  Check out the offerings below.

The TRIUMPH OF LOVE, by Marivaux

What's a princess to do when she falls in love with a man taught to hate women, love, and her in particular?  Dress up like a man and seduce everyone in sight!  Everyone, that is, that hinders her from her beloved.  A romantic comedy filled with secret identities, relational reversals, and the ultimate triumph of love.

Through April 30, on the Rosebud Studio Stage
For more information, visit the Facebook Event.

Presented by the THTR 359 class of Rosebud School of the Arts

SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD, by Jason Robert-Brown

Presented by Theatre SHHH! :  Sienna Howell-Holden's Final Project in fulfillment of the Mentorship Program at Rosebud School of the Arts.  A two-act musical "about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, take a stand, or turn around and go back."  It's a musical feast that transports the audience through history and into new lands with a startling array of characters and situations.

April 18 - April 20, on the Rosebud Studio Stage
For more information, visit the Facebook Event

THE TURN OF THE SCREW, by Jeffrey Hatcher.  
Adapted from the novel by Henry James.

When a young governess travels to a remote English manor to care for two orphaned children, she hardly suspects the frightening events about to take place.  As the days continue she fears the ghosts of her predecessor and a lover are using the children to continue a relationship from beyond the grave.  Will spirits succeed in taking control of her young charges, or is it all simply a product of the governess's fevered imagination?

April 25 - April 27 at the Akokiniskway Gallery
For more information, visit the Facebook Event.

So, lots to do and see... as well as a couple of new CD release events we'll keep you posted on in days to come.   If you've got any questions on events listed, just post in comments below and we'll get back soon.

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