Monday, 21 March 2011

What we're on about...

                                                       Photo by Kelsey Krogman.
There's a way certain people see the world: visionaries, optimists, prophets, artists, fools... While they view the same landscape, they somehow discover a different perspective.

Here at Rosebud Theatre, we are all of these things.  We take life as it's given, but strive to see beyond that reality, into something extraordinary. 

There are riches hidden in the fields, stories lurking in the silences, and wild wonder in the winds sweeping through Alberta.  But the greatest magic lurks within.  Within the people we are, the people we could be, the people we wish to be, and the real people that surround us, everyday.  People waiting to discover what ignites their passions, tickles their funny bone, exposes their indignation, and swallows their sadness.  A spectrum of experience and intricacies that we never tire of exploring.

This is our art.  Our gift.

This is our calling.

A way of life that in its best moments transcends the haze and gives glimpses of the brilliance lurking in all our lives.  Moments we mine to discover, so that we can share them with you.

This is life.  Yours and ours, the way we see... through Rosebud Colored Glasses.

Stick around for the conversations and insights that occur behind the scenes.  

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